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About Brian Kerley

We’ve all heard it said of some players that “he was born with a club in his hand”. Well that’s not quite true of Brian Kerley, but it’s as near as makes very little difference. Brian first started hitting golf balls at the age of four, played his first junior competition at seven and his first adult competition at twelve.
By seventeen he was playing off a handicap of three and it was a natural progression for him to graduate to the professional game.

Brian has achieved a lot in his career to date but there is one thing he has achieved almost from the word go and that is being one of the most popular players in the professional game.

His easy going manner and pleasant demeanor ensures that he is much sought after on the Pro Am circuit with a number of teams invariably seeking his services.

Not that being popular is in itself enough to achieve success in a very competitive world but Brian who combines prodigious ball striking with a very deft touch around the greens has demonstrated on numerous occasions that he is, as he says himself with a smile “not just a pretty face”.

We won’t comment on that but course records at Charlesland (66), Cairndhu(65), Nuremore (66), City West (59) and most recently at Wexford (68), speak for themselves.

Remarkably for such an accomplished player Brian has achieved tremendous success as as teaching Pro with the aforementioned easy manner proving to be a great asset in trying to get across to us hackers what appears to come so effortlessly to those teaching us.

Brian has infinite patience with all irrespective of age or ability and the manner in which he puts youngsters at ease is a joy to behold.
Brian’s teaching philosophy is typically straightforward –
“golf is a simple game and is there to be enjoyed. As I see it my job is to make it easier for people to enjoy no matter what their ability and bearing in mind their age, strength, goals and commitment. It is also important that I ensure the equipment they use is suitable for their game”.

The “simple game” approach is what is most often commented on by those taught by Brian with the comment “he doesn’t blind me with science” regularly heard from satisfied golfers.

But while that is true let there be no doubt that Brian is quietly demanding of his charges and more often that not getting more out of them than they expected, without their even being aware of it at the time.

How does he do it? Brian’s answer is the most serious one he gives during our chat and illustrates clearly how he sees himself in the golf game – “Its called being a professional.”

What People are Saying

  • I started off golfing for fun, not knowing anything about the sport, Brain was helpful and friendly on setting me on the right path to making golf into my favorite hobbie.

    Jim Smith