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*Trackman Lessons with Brian Kerley Golf!*

3 Trackman lessons with video analysis – ONLY €100!

Guaranteed to take shots off your handicap!

TrackMan Coaching Sessions

TrackMan is a brilliant tool to use in any coaching session irrespective of what level you currently play at. Basing decisions on factual information helps to identify any problem areas faster and helps us get to the solution quicker!

TrackMan measures your club and ball data with phenomenal accuracy and has become the preferred club and ball radar system for countless touring professionals and their coaches around the world. In a standard TrackMan lesson we will use TrackMan and Video Analysis to build a clear picture of your game, uncovering any problem areas and developing strategies to move your game forward. During the session we will analyse all the data and the suggested ways to move forward..


Ever thought about gaining 20 yards without having to swing any harder or faster or have to buy an expensive new club?  Well, it’s all quite possible by optimising the launch conditions of your driver.  We will analyse your club data to look for areas that are holding you back with regards to maximising distance, we can then make adjustments designed to increase your efficiency and yardage! And, yes of course, you can still compare your swing speed to the pros!


Using TrackMan for pitching is a great way to really improve your distance control. We can create tailor made pitching tests that allow us to pin point areas for improvement as well improve spin, trajectory control and strike. This is one of the most overlooked but useful uses of the Trackman system, particularly for those players looking to take their game to the next level.


To play your best golf, it is vital to know how far you hit each club. This changes depending on conditions but Trackman’s clever software can provide you with reports for different weather conditions, altitude and ball choice. Knowing how far each club carries in given temperatures is not only great for your confidence but great for your score too! We will spend time working our way through the bag, putting together a table of all your yardages, making sure you are completely satisfied that they represent your game.